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Project Objectives

Employment of sophisticated equipment in modern industrial plants and shortage in qualified manpower are fueling the demand for highly qualified maintenance technicians. Mechatronics comprises mechanics as well as electronics. Professionals in mechatronics are able to identify and fix technical defects within complex automation systems.

Mechatronics has therefore become a key subject within the frame of vocational education in China. However, the requirements of the subject are extremely challenging. Vocational schools and technical colleges are not always able to catch up with most recent technological developments. They need active support by industrial enterprises. The government encourages therefore close cooperation between vocational education institutes with industrial enterprises as it is common in Germany (Dual Vocational Education).

The challenges of Dual vocational education are manifold. They comprise permanent improvement regarding teachers’ qualification, adjustment of training curricula, updating of hard- and software, introduction of quality management procedures and implantation of examination standards which satisfy the need of the industry.

Due to more than 40 years experience of cooperation with German industrial enterprises bbw and sbvtc can provide all the assistance which is required by our Chinese partner schools and colleges. Since 2011 we cooperate closely with Yizheng Technician College and assist it with the implementation of a Dual Vocational education system in mechatronics for Shanghai Volkswagen.

Project Description

Dual Education for students in mechatronics lasts three to three and a half years, with around half of the time spent at vocational school or technical college and the rest of the time within industrial enterprises. The combination of vocational education at school and technical training in companies faces both parties with demanding challenges: schools and enterprises are operating within different legal and administrative framework. They focus upon separate main objectives. And they master quite different material resources. Employment of qualified independent vocational service providers like sbvtc helps to remove obstacles and to pave the way for smooth cooperation between schools/ colleges and industrial plants.

Our service for our Chinese partner institutes comprises

-  Kick-off-workshops with experts from German vocational schools and companies

-  Teachers training in Germany and China

-  Employment of German and Chinese experts in mechatronics

-  Regular coordination meetings with partner schools, companies and AHK

-  Implementation of examination by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Shanghai Chapter)

Project Contents

-  Further qualification of Chinese trainers, teachers and administrative staff in Germany and China

-  Development and adjustment of  curriculum by German experts

-  Recommendations for teaching material

-  Introduction of practical projects like ‘Handhabegeraet’ by experienced German trainers

-  Setting up of detailed equipment list, including all mechanic and electronic equipment, measuring technology, tools, measures, consumable material and so on

-  Preparation, execution and analysis of Mechatronics Exam Part I (mid term) and Part II (final exam) of The German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Shanghai Chapter)

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