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The rapid growth of industrial enterprises in the PR China and demogrphic factors have led to shortage of skilled labor force. Modern production methods require self reponsible laborers who are able to understand complex working processes and can catch up with growing requirements regarding quality and efficiency.

Since 2007, we cooperate with Shanghai Dazhong Industrial School and offer a tool mechanic training according to German standards at our workshop at Shanghai/ Jiading. Students who pass the final exam get a certificate of German AHK (Shanghai Branch). Our participants work in the area of production and maintenance for well known international automotive and machinery companies in Greater Shanghai.


The training lasts three years. During the first two and a half years the participants get basic training in small project groups and are guided by our experienced Chinese and German training experts. The participants learn to analyze technical drawings, to write work plans, and to use different tools, measures and material to produce components by fitting, conventional and CNC controlled turning, milling and drilling machines and to assemble complex component groups. The participants write daily training records and learn about quality check procedures.

In the third year the participants take part in a six months further qualification at international companies and get working experience under production conditions. The dual vocational program is concluded by the final toolmaker exam which is based on standards of the German Chamber of Industry and commerce (Toolmaker exam part II).

In 2015 sbvtc started similar project at Nanning and Yiwu technical College.


  • Safety instruction

  • Technical drawing

  • Writing of working plans

  • Fitting, conventional turning, milling, drilling, grinding of components

  • Programming and handling of CNC machines

  • Assembly of components to complex cutting tools

  • Setting up operation and maintenance of cutting tools

  • Pneumatics, electro pneumatics and hydraulics

  • Measuring and quality check procedures

  • Documentation of the working process

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