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 Project description

The "Job Factory" is derived from the advanced concept of "Job Running Factory" in Germany, with the operation philosophy of "self-service, mutual aid and support". The government hires professional planners full-time as the general manager to take on the operations and managements of the factory, and its focus is to integrate the training programs that trainees need, and then to do a specific training, and to help the trainees through the work, to learn the professional skills that people need in the workplace. In the activity, to understand themselves and improve themselves, and get the knowledge, skills and mentality that you need in the real work environment, to achieve "self-management, self-training, and self-improvement".

Job Factory runs throughout the career guidance idea of "self-help", guide and encourage job seekers actively looking for work, reduce the applicants depend on the mood in the process of the traditional vocational guidance the possibility of more effectively avoids the youth "wait, rely , want" psychology.

Project characteristics

·Innovative career service concept

·Customize soft skills

·Unique learning mode

·Exclusive service places of employment

Job Factory helps young people

·Explore abilities and interests

· Improve skills

· Enhance ability to work

· Understand the labor market demand

· Identify career goals

· Find the right job

The job factory is for people under 35 who don't have jobs, no matter of degree, if they have a job wish to sign up to participate in job factory. The employment training factory service period is up to 3 months.

Project harvest

In addition to achieving the goal of successful employment, students are rewarded in the following areas.

After three months of training, students have achieved different levels of success, such as confidence, communication and understanding, experience, skills, management, commitment and responsibility, personality, and professional self-perception.


Companion's motivation: when others find work, they give me a lot of pressure and pressure. I was motivated to look for more jobs, and after two months, I found a better job.


Work skill improvement: At Job Factory, I learn to create network neighbors, communicate with different people and write the conversations to their personal information status, helping them to more help in their ability to work for jobs that can be qualified in this process.


Communication and interviewing skills: Although I did not find a job until after the third month, I gained more time to exercise my communication skills, and the interview simulation of a certain frequency also improved my interview skills, and finally I was able to apply for job successfully which is closely related here.


Confidence: I found confidence here. It was a drop in my confidence that I had fail several interviews before I came in. But after studying at Job Factory, I was getting my confidence back. I was the first to find a job to do and get everyone's blessing.

Project recruitment

There is a strong desire to apply for a job, Shanghai registered permanent residence, under 35 years old, unemployed status, want to return to the workplace can contact the factory connector of each district.


Factory connector (general manager of Job Factory)


Address:Room 309, No. 891 Shenjianong Road

Working time:Mon to Fri 9:00-16:30

Tel:021-50934281  Mr. Dai



Address:Room 603, Building 2, No.999 Nanning Road

Working time:Mon to Fri 9:00-16:30

Tel:021-64826092  Miss Li



Address:Computer Lab, Building 3, No.555 South Zhongshan 1st Road

Working time:Mon to Fri 9:00-16:30

Tel:021-63057192  Miss Zhang



Address:No.990 Tongji Road

Working time:Mon to Fri 9:00-16:30

Tel: 021-66590119  Miss Jin



Address:No.1205 Kongjiang Road

Working time:Mon to Fri 9:00-16:30

Tel:021-55278008-821  Miss Cheng 

        021-55278008-817  Miss Wang

        021-55278008-818  Miss Hu

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