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Practice Enterprise

Objectives and Contents

The Practice Company established in Germany Essen Employment Promotion Center (bfz Essen). There are more than 7,500 practice companies in more than 40 countries around the world. These companies are engaged in business and trade with each other. Taking ZET platform as a strong backing, there are banks, taxes, medical insurance institution for the aged pension, post offices, exhibitions and trade companies in various industries, logistics companies, etc.

We introduce the excellent model of Vocational Education in Germany. Through the combination of learning and practical training, we will build you into a good job seeker that matches the real market environment. The project enables students who lack practical experience to understand the way a company operates, choose their own position, learn the knowledge of job application, through systematic training, get the skills by simulating a real working environment,

The existence of the Practice Companies can help you to improve your employability, connect with the market, and make the people in need of the job as the job needs.




Theoretical courses in sales, procurement, marketing, human resource, finance and administration.

Ability and skills (practical ability)

Teamwork ability (internal and external department collaboration)

Innovative divergent thinking (entrepreneurial ability)

Ability to handle problems (logic, systems, efficient solutions)

Oral and written communication skills (English and Chinese)

Office software operating ability (office and Adobe software)

Data processing capacity (market research and analysis)

Self-management ability (independently completing tasks and quality management)



The course is 2 months, and the number of participants is 20 in each phase, and consecutive class is required

Kojack Potential Test & Analysis

Objectives and Contents

Through the participation of a series of games, analyze your basic abilities: method ability, individual ability, social ability, learning ability (knowledge acquired in school), professional ability, so as to evaluate your potential, find your own interest early, and determine career orientation.

l  Through the ability analysis of the system, help you know your ability, ability and strength.

l  Flexible use of potential and motivation.

l  Determine your professional knowledge and skills.

l  Determine the most appropriate career.




The course is 3 days, and the number of participants is 20 in each phase, and consecutive class is required

Personal Vocational Ability Promotion

Objectives and Contents

From five major training courses to understand the essential qualities of the workplace, all courses will be taught by senior industry experts and business executives. The course combines theory and practice, with interesting interaction, so that you can explore your career ability and help you get ahead of your career.


l  Time management (mastering time management ABC, reducing procrastination)

l  Job-hunting skills (define your position, master your resume, etc.)

l  Professional competence (proficient in Office daily application, communication skills, business etiquette)

l  Presentation skills (understand the elements of a successful speech)

l  Stress and emotional management (learn how to manage your emotions and release your work stress)


The course is 5 days, with 30 participants per session.

Master Training

Objectives and Contents

In the process of rapid growth, the enterprise must need more technology and a front-line manager. Grassroots employees also intend to be promoted to frontline management through their own efforts. But for a long time after the promotion they often have no direction how to manage the staff, resulting in the loss of talent. Through this training, it will be able to help front-line managers to improve management skills, work skills, and their own professional skills, which will help you to succeed in the competition of talents, and really help enterprises to get more outstanding first-line managers.


l  Team building

l  Personnel management

l  Efficient communication

l  Financial management

l  Office Management


There are 5 days in the course, every Saturday/Sunday, and the number of participants is 30 (optional A, B, C, D).

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