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Project Objectives

Due to China's booming Economy Shanghai has become one of the world's most bustling industrial, logistic and financial hubs with huge opportunities for young people looking for employment in commerce or finance related positions. International commerce, accountancy, logistics and so on belong to the most popular majors within vocational schools. Furthermore many students of foreign languages are at also aiming upon employment in commercial or financial enterprises.

sbvtc helps vocational schools and colleges to implement commercial simulation companies which operate in a worldwide network and under realistic conditions, simulating the entire working process related to commercial activities. Participants learn to work in different departments, like purchase and sale, import and export, accounts, HR and so on. They learn to negotiate with customers and improve their teamwork ability. Use of work relevant soft and hard ware is a further important content. The simulation company provides teachers with also case studies which can be imbedded in their theoretical lessons.

Simulation companies are also suitable for unemployed former accountants and commercial employees who want to catch up with recent requirements and reenter the labor market.

Project Description

A practice company for commerce has the same structure as a ‘real’ enterprise with 6 to 7 different departments: Human Resources, organization, finance, sales, purchase, marketing, import/export. Students taking part in the project have first to register the practice company and its capital under a name of their own choice. They will decide with which products they want to trade and research realistic prices for the commodities. Fabrication of a product catalogue and of advertising material are next steps, before the practice company goes on line.The participants work under real working conditions and as a team with clearly divided responsibilities. By switching departments and step by step the students will get familiar with work procedures related to commerce or logistics.

What makes the practice company real is EUROPEN an organization with head quarters in Germany which operates a platform with several services like a bank, tax office, social insurance, mail, law court, customs and so on. Currently more than 7000 practice companies in more than 40 countries are using this platform.

Practice companies are also suitable for further qualification of job seekers and as part of start up consultant trainings.

Project Contents

Sales department


-  Pricing of products

-  Order confirmation

-  Transport lists

-  Receive

-  Import/export documents

-  Warehouse administration

-  Contact to customers

Purchase department

-  Delivery order

-  Price analysis

-  Delivery admonition

-  Ware house

-  Contact to suppliers

Marketing department

-  Corporate identity

-  Product research

-  Product catalogue

-  Advertising material

-  Customer research

Organization department

-  E-Mail address

-  Office supply

-  Attendance sheet

-  Taining

Human Resources department

-  Head count

-  Salary list

-  Tax/ insurance payments

-  Application of leave

Financial department

-  Payment of suppliers

-  Incoming payments

-  Book keeping

-  Transfer of tax/ insurance payments

-  On line banking

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