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Project characteristics

The Practice Company established in Germany Essen Employment Promotion Center (bfz Essen). There are more than 7,500 practice companies in more than 40 countries around the world. These companies are engaged in business and trade with each other. Taking ZET platform as a strong backing, there are banks, taxes, medical insurance institution for the aged pension, post offices, exhibitions and trade companies in various industries, logistics companies, etc.

We introduce the excellent model of Vocational Education in Germany. Through the combination of learning and practical training, we will build you into a good job seeker that matches the real market environment. The project enables students who lack practical experience to understand the way a company operates, choose their own position, learn the knowledge of job application, through systematic training, get the skills by simulating a real working environment,

The existence of the Practice Companies can help you to improve your employability, connect with the market, and make the people in need of the job as the job needs.

Project objectives

Practice company training is based on the experience of German Practice company training. The premise of this project is that

•    Practice company is a practical learning platform for business professional training.

•   To deepen the understanding of theoretical knowledge and acquire practical abilities and skills in combination with theory and practice;

•    Increasing innovative ideas and raising the possibility of entrepreneurship;

•    To acquire professional, social and methodological capabilities;

•   Through the international practice company network cooperation is the practice company operation core;

•    Through the practical training of the practice company, students can learn to deal with specific problems in various ways.

•    Through training, the students will be able to use practical experience to improve their success rate in the future of employment and entrepreneurship.


The combination of theory and practice: practice company gave me the first experience of practical skills in real companies. I learned how to record the bills of each expenditure, how to check the calculation of the exchange rate, and so on. This is really not the kind of knowledge that's written in a book.

Find work location: practice company's greatest charm, is not to say it to us how high salary, it has more advanced equipment and facilities, but he has constructed a "staff" an atmosphere. Although its bright spot is 100 percent real, and for our student she is like a mix, full of human interest of an internship. By taking this time, you can become more aware of what you are suitable to do, what you are not suitable to do, and what kind of work is better for you.

Knowledge comes from practice: in a practice company I learned a lot of this knowledge is at school I seldom contact, but in the actual learning and work is very important and very basic knowledge. Through this internship, I have not only accumulated a lot of experience, but also helped me get some exercise in practice.

Win-win cooperation: we learn to work like an office worker, throw away the title of a student, and make ourselves truly integrated into the work environment. In our work, we have learned to work together, and each person is responsible for different parts, at the same time, faster and more efficient. When we find a problem we actively ask. Where we don't understand each other, we become more familiar with each other.

Confidence: when I got the first letter from a German trading company, it was so exciting, it felt like a sense of gain, and then we received a letter every day. In the purchasing department, I was most satisfied with the success of several businesses. After I sent emails and asked for various information, my confidence was improved, and I felt that my efforts were rewarded.

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