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Training Objectives

CNC is a key technology for industrial production. During the last ten years the Government has invested heavily in up-to-date equipment at vocational schools and technical colleges all over China. Although the equipment of many schools is fine there is still a gap regarding suitable training contents and methods which satisfy the demand of the industry for highly qualified and self responsible operators.

sbvtc helps to bridge this gap and to improve the CNC-education in short time and at relatively little cost. We implement modules ‘CNC-turning’ and ‘CNC-milling’ of six weeks duration and according to German industrial standards at our partner schools and colleges in China.

In a first step sbvtc qualifies the teachers of partner schools and help them to get familiar with German CNC-training curricula. Afterwards sbvtc sends experienced CNC-experts who assist the partner schools to implement the modules. Finally sbvtc arranges an exam ‘CNC-operator turning/milling’ basing upon the standards of German Industry. Successful participants who pass the exam will get a certificate by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Shanghai Chapter). sbvtc modules are excellent tools which help to pave the way from vocational school to internship and employment in the industry.

Training Description

Participants of our modules are vocational school or technical college students who have already concluded the second school year and got some basic knowledge and abilities about CNC-technology. During the six weeks training duration for each CNC-module the participants get familiar with professional and methodical working processes. They learn: 

l  to read technical drawings and to assemble technical information about a project

l  to write working plans, including choice of suitable tools, machine speed and so on

l  to write of short CNC-programs and programming of CN Control systems

l  to manufacture complex single components on CNC-milling and CNC-turning machines

l  to check tolerances and surface quality by professional use of different measuring tools measuring methods and assessment tools

l  to write daily quality reports and training proceedings

The modules do not only improve practical skills in handling CNC-machines, tools and measures but they enforce at the same time also the theoretical understanding of CNC-technology. The final AHK-exam comprises therefore a practical as well as a theoretical part.

Training Contents

Preparation course Conventional turning and milling (2 weeks)

l  rigging of conventional turning and milling machines

l  reading of technical drawings

l  turning and milling of single components

l  quality check proceedings

l  safety instructions

l  maintenance

CNC-turning (6 weeks)

l  rigging of 2-axis CNC-turning machines

l  programming of CN Control systems

l  processing of external surfaces

l  processing of inner parts

l  drilling

l  cutting of threads

CNC-milling (6 weeks)

l  rigging of three axis CNC-milling machines

l  programming of CN Control systems

l  milling of external surfaces

l  milling of of inner parts

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