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Practice Firm at Commercial School


33 students took part in the first practice company project at Shanghai Commercial School at Zhabei district. Shanghai Commercial School is one of the leading vocational schools in Shanghai in majors related to commerce. The practice company was registered as ‘Shanghai B/S. World’ and is trading with jewellery, wine and ice cream. The project was supported by a mixed team of two teachers of Shanghai Commercial School, two teachers of sbvtc (Mr. Dai and Ms. Cai Yan) and a German expert, Mr. Fred Lange from BBW Bremen. The project did profit a lot from Mr. Lange’s rich experience with practice companies and did already at a very early stage start to trade with international partners and to work with Navision ERP software which is used by more than 100 000 enterprises world wide.

A second group consisting in 24 students of English took part in the practice company from 9. May. The students of this second group were monitored by Mr. Wolfgang Roetzer, a German expert from Munich, Mr. Dai and Ms. Gu Jun of sbvtc and Mr. Pan teacher of Shanghai Commercial School.

The project was concluded with certification ceremony at 9. July. The president of Shanghai Commercial School Mr. Wang was satisfied with the result of the project. Both parties hope that the practice company may become part of the teaching curriculum for students of different majors.

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